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I created a new way to swing a golf club which I named OVER THE TOP GOLF®. Is it an effective golf swing method for everyone from beginners to low-handicap players? Yes, it is! Regardless of whether you are one of the lucky few who posesses an inside-out swing path or, are like me and around 90% of all amateur golfers who have that innate, naturally occuring outside-in swing path, OVER THE TOP GOLF® will add new dimensions to your existing golf game. Your PGA golf pro can recognize whether you "swing over the top". If you do, he'll concede that, without periodic golf lessons and diligent practice, you probably always will.

Those days of failed attempts at grooving a PGA-style swing are over. It's called the great OVER THE TOP GOLF SWING®. It's the only golf swing that everybody can do. It's simplicity serves to make you your own golf pro with the ability to self-correct periodic breakdowns in minutes, not months.

Your own golf swing is comfortable, even it it isn't performing very well. It is your foundation and your strength. It's just a matter of building on it. Even if you don't have "the dreaded" over the top swing, a few simple adjustments will have you hitting smoking hot drives straight down the fairway at once.

You've noticed how many teachers say they can fix your over the top swing. What many golf pros don't mention is that only a small percentage of amateur golfers will ever correct it. It takes hard work. For the rest of you, lessons have usually proven to be a waste of time and money. Besides, who wants to practice? OVER THE TOP GOLF® isn't a golf lesson. It's golf swing optimization.50f86622f99e8

Here is the answer you've been looking for. A way to hit a straight ball with added distance without having to learn any complicated moves your body is going to resist anyway. Lacking distance? Find it here. Want laser-straight irons? Also, here.

A few years ago my own golf swing was terrible. This was after decades of lessons with many different pros. Out of frustration, I finally told my teacher that I wanted to go with my strengths. So we worked on different set-ups and as the hours went by, good things started to happen. We stood there smiling and shaking our heads after seeing the results. This was something very new and very cool. And it worked!

The great OVER THE TOP GOLF swing® was born.

Now I play with many pros who not only give me new ideas to consider, they help to better explain why this swing succeeds. A recent comment was that when I make a bad shot it is never severe, that is, off line either left or right. It's been pointed out that I've created an automatic way to get through the ball consistently. Everyone who has played with me before says "Yeah, you're hitting it a lot longer".

The OVER THE TOP GOLF eBook© is now available. It is inexpensive; buy it, see what I am talking about and begin having 100% more confidence standing over the ball.